Where. Do. I. Bey-gin.1903987_10151894398337190_1774965180_n

As most of you may be aware – whether you are lunatic fans or not – Beyoncé is currently touring the world, performing her “Mrs. Carter” show. With a secret, surprise album and inside documentary named ‘Life Is But A Dream’, 2013 was THEE year of Beyoncé. And 2014 looks just as promising.

 It was probably the most uplifting, emotional (and sweaty) 90 minutes of my life. From start to finish, her performance was breath-taking. She really knows how to put on a show that’s for sure!

Standing up and queuing  for 7 hours with one girl even collapsing on top of me mid-show was a small price to pay for the amazing experience. Yes, it was THAT hot.

My favourite moment had to be when she sang Halo. To be completely honest, the audience did most of the singing. The entire arena erupted into a unison of song and the noise just bounced off of your chest.

For me however, the cherry on top of the Beyoncé cake, had to be the outstanding outfits she wore throughout the show. In true Beyoncé style, everything had an elegant twist whether she was in a full length dress or shorts and T-Shirt. A majority of her outfits were embellished or dripping in glitter and sequins but what is more, she performed effortlessly in heels the entire show. A women after my own heart.

Despite being just 15 or so rows from the  front – and due to constant shaking with ridiculous amounts of excitement, I unfortunately only got out of focus and blurry pictures. But I hope you can still appreciate the great Queen B. All I’m saying is, if she ever tours again. GO! Bey-lieve me, you will not regret it.






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